Friday, September 7, 2012

Crystal Garnet Black-S Review

Hello ladies~ I'm here with a new circle lens review. This time it's from a new brand called Crytal Lens, they are also from Korea, these lenses were sponsored to me by Vero Hub~ Arigato!! Check out their Facebook page since they sell circle lenses at a much cheaper price than other shops, great service as well and the owner is very kind. If you are interested they also sell cosplay related items such as wigs. 。◕‿◕。

Anyway, my eye grade went up so my previous lenses are kinda not working with my vision anymore. TSK! I first saw these lenses on a shop on FB and they are on sale so I was like, should I buy or not. So I came across Vero Hub, they were hosting a sponsorship for chosen cosplayers, so I just submitted my entry without expecting to be chosen~ kekekeek \(^▽^@)ノ. So yeah, three cosplayers were chosen and we were given the opportunity to choose any lens we want from EOS or Crystal brands. But in my case, only these lenses are onhand and available with grade. I'm so used to GEO lenses so I'm quite skeptical about this brand when in terms of comfort. Also, it's my first time to wear black circle lenses. I always go for brown or grey lenses with simple designs. I tend to shy away from big diameter, black lenses since I think it will make me look possessed or something~ kekekeke. ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Now onto the review!

The lenses came in these cute glass vials. I always look forward to ripping the seal off these babies once I get my hands on a new pair of lenses. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Here are the lenses in the lens case (I always use my own lens case, free from the solution I always buy from a optical store), I don't like the free lenscases that come with every lens I purchase and I usually don't use those free solutions either. (>y<)As you can see they are black (yay!).

Left eye with lens, right eye without lens. See the big difference.
Lenses on both eyes So dolly~ <3 p="p">
It's black alright! No doubts about it compared to colored lenses.

Design is pretty simple. It's black with a starburst pattern on the center. I was surprised since they look quite natural.

The size is14.8mm. I used to wear 14.0mm lenses but I wanted a bigger size lens since I have almond shaped eyes so they can't really give me that dolly feel. I was looking for a more dolly effect thus I worked the courage to try 15mm lenses which worked great for me. These lenses are so dolly, though I think my Ice Dolly Brown 600 lenses looked bigger on my eyes, maybe it's because of the thick limbal ring.

I haven't worn these for long, only a few minutes to write this review. But unlike my GEO lenses they are super comortable the first time I have worn them. It doesn't feel like you have something in your eyes. My GEO Mimi Grays feel kinda uncomfortable and thick, plus they dry easily when I'm in airconditioned or humid areas.

I love these lenses~! They give a really dolly effect but you have to put on some eye make-up or they will come off as unnatural. I prefer dark lenses such as gray or brown to keep my things simple (I'm into the ulzzang, dolly look (─‿‿─)). I think they are perfect for daily wear since they feel "light" on the eyes. Now I can alternate these with my GEO Bambi Almonds (which are almost expired, tsk!). If you are looking for lenses that are natural looking but can still make you look dolly then these are the best lenses for that look. (✿◠‿◠)

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