Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Korean Cosmetics Mini Haul Update And Review!

I have posted a few weeks back that I won some items from ebay and bought some. I got busy and well, got lazy as well to post. Kekekeke... Anyways, here is my mini haul from ebay.

Such a lovely packaging! But this one I already gave to my sister since it doesn't have SPF and the coverage is quite sheer. 
Here's what I bought from E-bay:
  • Tony Moly Cutie Beauty BB Cream Pure Angel Amy - My to go bb cream. It has SPF 30 woot~ I always use this everyday when I go out. Coverage is good, has spf, lessens redness, no smell and gives your skin a dewy look. For a matte finish I top it off with my Maybelline foundation. I love this bb cream!
  • Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base Trial pack - I use this basically as a highlighter which is what it's good for. You're supposed to use it as a base then top your bb cream over it but then it gets too shimmery, so it's better to use it as highlighter since the effect is great.
  • Lioele 3D Skinf Fix Makeup Base Trial pack - Used all of them for trial and review sake. I didn't like it, it has some sort of smell to it. It doesn't have spf. I thought it would be like white but it has a neutral beige color to it. Coverage is medium but really felt heavy on skin. I have sensitive skin so I'd skip this one.
  • Tony Moly Orange Lip Tint mini - I have supper pigmented lips and this didn't even tint it orange, not even a little bit. Well, it tasted yucky lols. Easily comes off, I bought this for a really cheap price so I'd be sure not to get any of those orange tints (unless it's pink or red) then it works for me.
  • Lioele 3d Skin Fix Foundation - Same with the base. Didn't really like it.
  • Lioele Dollish Veil Vita B - Wasn't able to test this one since I gave it to my sister who wanted to test bb creams. It's just a trial pack so I don't know how it performs in the long run.
  • Baviphat Sugar Girl Peach Sebum Pact - I love this! Super cute packaging and when you open it, you'd be greeted by the fresh scent of peaches! Makes me want to eat it *rawr*! Anyway, it serves the purpose of a powder pact. Feels light to the skin but not very good coverage.
  • Baviphat Sugar Girl All In One Collagen BB - I don't know why but this one gave me small red bumps but they just go away if I don't use it. So I guess I'm allergic to it? Tsk, the packaging was cute too. If I remember this costs around 340php I think. I gave it to my sister lols and she loves it. It doesn't have SPF by the way so I suggest you put on some sun cream first.
That would be it! Have you had a mini haul lately?

Thanks for viewing~!

Reka :3

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