Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Etude House Sweet Propose and Aloha Makeup Review

Isn't it all so cute and pink?! That's why I love the Etude House packaging.
This is actually my sister's not mine. Kekekeke. This set was given to her by a friend and since she's not the make-upy type of person and super low maintenance she told me and my sisters that we can use it anytime. She only took the All Day Strong #3 BB cream since it's her shade. She has "morena" skin compared to us, we have have fair skin. As you can see the packaging is all pink and cute~ as expected from Etude House.

Adding the "aloha" feel to this. kekekeke
All the colors of the palette! Aren't they lovely?
First off, the eyeshadow set from the Aloha series. The cover is like soft cardboard, the palettes where the eyeshadows were placed is made up of plastic. The mirror is no good, whenever I look at it I feel dizzy, it's not glass but more like foil. Then there's the applicator which reminds of of pencils and erasers that I used to have when I was back in kindergarten. Kekekeke
The eyeshadow palette came in with rainbow eyeshadow colors from nude to crazy colors. They all are shimmery (sorry forgot to swatch them >.<") some are pigmented others are just so-so. Quite powdery, you can get fallouts with these (I suggest you dampen the applicator with water to make it stay longer).

Reminds me of a box of chocolates eh?
Now here's the Sweet Propose Makeup Set.

The packaging reminds of me of a chocolate box- only it's pink and it's round. Kekeke.

Inside the makeup set are:
Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream #3
Etude House Water Proof Pen Liner
Etude House Lucid Darling Gradient Eyes
Etude House Dear Darling Roll Gloss #3
Etude House Black2 Volume Mascara

These are the two Etude House Lucid Darling Eyeshadows that we have.  The one above is our old one.
They changed the color of the packaging to white but everything else inside is the same. Same blush, eyeshadows and brushes.. kekekeke.

And here are some fake lashes I bought from Japan Home. Kekeke.. I their fake lashes. They are all so soft but don't look fake and plastic at all. I'm still starting to collect fake lashes.

So that would be all for the Etude House Aloha and Sweet Propose makeup review, just for the items above. Kekekeke. I am not really a big fan of shimmer and glitter makeup, and I am not so fond of the Etude House eyeshadows since they are not that pretty much pigmented as as I say, shimmers and glitters. Not a fan of their glosses either. But I do love the pen eyeliners and mascaras, they're the best~! I have yet to try their BB creams.

Do you like Etude House? What is your favorite Etude House Makeup?

Thanks for reading~!!

Reka :3


  1. lol....i just got the aloha palette and actually i quite like it...but i use my fingertips to apply not a brush so maybe thats why i dont get fallout...also i think it was overpriced but i totally dont regret it because it's so cute and because the colours i got in it are the type that like...i wouldn't buy myself but is nice to have...i never bought any neutral/brown/earthy type colours of eyeshadow before

  2. This is a very detailed review. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing with us your review about this wonderful Etude product!


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