Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EOTD: Pretty Smokey Eye & GEO Tricolor Brown Review

I have been busy lately, often times I try to hit two birds with one stone. Kekekeke.. From my work, hanging out with friends, blah blah blah... you get the drift right?

Anyways, I received my GEO Tricolor Brown lenses, and when I put them on, the color was nice but it was too "small", I mean no enlargement on my eyes so I need to do some eye make up before I go out with those lenses. Tsk. So I opted for smokey eyes since dark eye-make up makes eyes look smaller.

Here's my EOTD for last Sunday with my GEO Tri Color Brown lenses. I used like, 4 different eyeshadow shades, eyeliner and of course, mascara. 

I'm still new when it comes to smokey eyes, so this took me around almost 15 minutes to complete. 

Olay day cream
Maxipeel concealer cream in fair
Avon Simply Pretty Pressed Powder in Soft Bisque
Nichido final powder in creamy glow
Ever bilena Perfect Precision Brow liner in brown

Ever bilena Eyeshadow + Blush palette- My uncle gave it to me. I forgot the price. (and forgot to take a pic of it) OTL
Etude House I'm Fine Eyeliner
Lenses: GEO Tricolor Brown

Avon Simply Pretty Color Last Lipstick in Lucky Orange


And on to the lens review, this is just based on my opinion and I bought these lenses with my own moolah.
See the full face? I decided to keep my hair this time. I look like the evil queen.  The lens kinda give me an "Edward Cullen impression" which I am not a fan of, but with my sister it totally gave a different effect. 

I want the dolly eyes like my GEO BAMBI, hope this comes with a larger diameter. I don't need to wear too much eye make up and even just bare eyes with these babies.
My GEO Bambi Almond lenses (above) vs GEO Tricolor brown, see the difference in enlargement????
Anyways, on to the review:

It's really natural, the pattern is lovely. Even my mom and dad said they were pretty, she didn't like the pattern on my GEO Bambi Greys, they are more reptilian. Hahahaha. These however are just subtle and really natural.

Color is like a warm honey, yellowish brown. Really pigmented, color change is totally noticeable.

NADA! There is none! It's just like the same with my irises. If they were larger like 14.5mm or 15.0mm I'd so totally love them, but heck it's zero for enlargement. (that's for me, on my sister it enlarges her irises)

GEOs tend to make my eyes watery, blurry and drying after a few hours of use. This was no exception. So had to bring eye drops all the time when the dryness occurs.

Love the color, love the design, too bad the it didn't give a dolly enlarging look. And yeah, I may not wear these often or I might just give it to my sister.

Here's my sister wearing the lenses.
On her, the lenses enlarges her irises a little bit. Since she has smaller, chinky eyes than me.
Yeah, she loved the lenses so much she even asked me to just give it to her.

Hehehe... I know you're not supposed to share lenses. Don't copy us.  Kekeke. But heck, I might as well give these to her since she loved it so much- and with the 14.0 mm without the limbal ring it made my pupils look small-ish. But with her it's just totally gorgeous since she had chinky eyes. Makes me want to kill myself, she doesn't need eye make up. SEE?

Now I feel like the evil queen vs Snow White. Kekekeke

That would be all lovelies!

Reka :3

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  1. Oo!!! Beautiful!! They actually look quite natural on you and your sister. (:


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