Thursday, October 13, 2011

If you watch Bleach (anime), epsisode 342 is like a blast, splurge for all Ichiruki fans. We are busy spazzing, making drawings, writing fanfics, sharing the word and the love about Ichiruki. It's like a fanfic come true! Weeee~! Can't help myself. I'm spazzing again. I just set up my twitter and tumblr blog just for them. Lol~! but I did enjoy tumblr that much I slept 2:30am in the morning. Talk about fangirling. (*´▽`*)

Aren't they just the sweetest OTP??

"I wonder if I can keep up with the speed of the world….without you there….”
” Boku wa tsuite yukeru darou ka…kimi no inai sekai no supido ni…"

Oh~ Ichi I feel your pain. Why can't you just confess~!!!! XDDDD Then fangirls can die happy. kekeke.. LOL... joking aside. Can't wait to see Rukia's comeback in the anime!!! (≧∇≦)/

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Generic Fake Lashes

The first time I used fake lashes was when I attended a wedding, my boyfriend's cousin's wedding. Just feel the need to dress up and I wanted to try something different with my make-up routine, so thus the fake lashes. I don't know how to put them on, but watching a couple of youtube videos helped and then I was able to learn how to put on my fake lashes.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review: Avon Super Extend Mascara

Hello peeps~! Today I'm gonna give you a review about Avon Super Extend Mascara, obviously it's a mascara. LOL. It's supposed to make your lashes real long- cuz as it says it's "Super Extend". Now my lashes are already pretty long, but they lack volume and "color"??? I mean they're not real dark as compared to my hair color (~am I confusing you???) kekeke...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Reunion- Crazy BridesMaids XD

I was invited by a good friend of mine, we've known each other since kindergarten, it's her sister's wedding and I was tasked as the second reader or whatever. I'm not catholic so I have no idea. Anyways, we haven't seen each other for a while though. There were 3 of us back in college who were tight and the wedding sort of made it a reunion for us 3. Anyways, the 3 of us were camwhores and lil bit crazy when combined. Yeah, my bf got shocked with our pictures cuz it's just hell crazy. LOL

Okay, my friend told me to be at the hotel around 5:30am, I went there almost 7am. Tee-hee. Anyways these "make-up artists" were waiting for us, was shocked cuz only the bride was there and the two artists. So my friends were later than me, as usual. kekekee.. all of us have punctuality issues, LOL. I know it's not good but heck.

My make up was too light, not the kind I expected though so I did some retouch in the bathroom. Kekekeke, . the artists did some good job with the face overall except the eyes, it lacks. I'm no pro but I wasn't impressed. I never thought I could pull off light pink lipstick but I did. Haha, I was surpised that I did. After that, they made me wear a gown which wasn't my fit, I mean the smallest but still pretty loose on me. Hahaha. Then the two crazies arrived and it's their turn now.

We had to bring our own falsies, Ivy has the most dramatic longest one which was nice. I'll opt for those next time. Then we retouched our make-up. I added blush and eyeliner on them. Our lips got chapped from the lipstick they used. WTH! Good thing Ivy bought pink lippies also. Overall, the make-up was good not great.

The bride. >////< (Hopefully, I too shall wed in the future~ sighs*)

Then came the wedding which took forever to start since some of the sponsors and the entourage have not yet arrived. WOOHOO~ then finally it they came and the wedding went smoothly.

I'll stop yammering now, kekeke.. I don't want to burn your eyes or anything with my long texts.

So here's a few pics of the wedding/ reunion. FACE SPAM!!! (≧∇≦)/

 The original 3ne1: Ivy, Shine, Reka (Me)
We are all fashionistas. We graduated nursing together. 
We love makeup. We love our boyfriends. We love shopping. We love food!

Feyvie is our new adopted. Tee-hee. She's still shy.

 Shine is like blowing raspberries. Kekekeke

We are men!! FAIL!

I love this pic! 

 Meet IVY: Always crazy and energetic one.
Death of Cupcake: Death by Licking

Ivy claims she's an alien. Tee-hee

ME: The smart, creative one. (that's what they say. kekeke)
I am Chun-li. Cupcake master!

I didn't eat the melon, not really into fruits unless it's salad. Kekekekeke

 Meet Shine: The friendly, talkative one.
Shine can speak Malaysian real well since she grew up there as well.

Shine: My prince!
Cupcake: My princess!


 We advise you to...
SEE no evil, HEAR no evil, SPEAK no evil

BEAUTY QUEENS? Just tripping.
The original pic is below. hehehe...

As you can see we are holding melons for crowns.

Cheerios for the bride!!

After the wedding:  It's PLANKING TIME!!
Shine: Planking like a boss.

Me: I have no idea what I'm doing. LOL

Ivy: Planking like Superman

As you can tell Ivy is the craziest among us. Kekekeke

That would be all lovelies!



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