Thursday, September 6, 2012

GEO Princess Mimi Almond/ Bambi Almond Review

I've always been a more loud color, 14mm diameter kind of circle lens girl. But recently there had been a rave about natural looking, dolly lenses that are 14.5mm-15.0mm in diameter! I had GEO Nudy Greys and the first time I wore it my sisters were like "Gah! You're eyes are HUGE!", I dunno if they were just exaggerating. So I'd thought I'd never go beyond 14.0mm.

I don't know if I can pull off 14.5mm diameter lenses. One of the OL shops, Japanese Candy recently had a promo of 2 pairs of lenses for 1000php ($40) for all the Bambi Series and Princess Mimi Cafe on their on-hand stocks. I had to grab that opportunity! And I know ever since Tsubasa Masuwaka endorsed it, there have been some mixed feelings about these circle lenses. I ordered 2 pairs, Bambi Almond and Bambi Grey, both have 14.5mm diameter. I'll talk about the Almond lenses in this review.

Here's a picture of the lovely Tsubasa Masuwaka wearing her Almond lenses.  Quite natural right?

Here are the lenses in their natural habitat. For basic info of the lenses:
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable 

The lenses came in these boxes, this the box of the Almond lenses. Neatly bubble wrapped and came in one and half days after I placed my order.

Here is the bottle of the Princess Mimi Almond/ Bambi Almond lenses.

Let's start. First off for comparison, here's my eyes without lenses on them. (Forgive me, I was just using a CP camera for this.)
No lenses, my eyes are already big enough... Tee-hee.

With both lenses in. REALLY DOLLY don't you think? You could see there's a big difference. 

Full face shot. Forgive the tired face. I went to sleep at 3am in the morning. 
(Looks like a bee stung my lip.) 

Indoors. Near the window.

Indoors. REALLY close to the window. (CP doesn't have flash.)


No, I don't have toothache. 

Updated pic with falsies. (here)

I'm not really a fan of the thick black limbal ring, guess I was just too used to my Nudy Greys. The limbal ring is noticeable when wearing but just subtle. What I like though is the pattern blends well with my eye-color. No harsh pixels and didn't make me look like a lizard.

The color is really natural, much like a toned down, cool-ish ash brown. This is the perfect color for a natural dolly look. Subtle and not very dramatic.

This lenses hit the target! I mean you can see the HUGE difference! They really make you look dolly, I had some trouble putting them on the first time but got better eventually.

I dunno, most reviews said these were the most comfortable GEO's ever but in my experience my eyes get dried up like a few hours after using them. Maybe 3-4 hours tops, but some eye drops help. 

These are the perfect lenses for that dolly look! People won't really oggle at your eyes to see the difference.  Unless you walk around with one lens in and the other one out then these are the best lenses for a natural look! I wore them to a wedding and my boyfriend complimented me nicely with these lenses. He said I looked like a doll and my eyes are really nice. 


Reka :3


  1. try mo ung mga ANGEL SERIES madaam. i think mas dolly un sya for u kesa sa mga 14.8 to 15mm. Suggest lg! hihi. ^^ Anyways, ure so pretty, Look's like my bestfriends Girlfriend. wee :)

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