Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EOTD: Sexy Feminine Eyes and GEO BAMBI GREY review

This was supposed to be a sweet and inncocent girly look but ended up looking sexy and vampire-ish? I dunno, randomness just takes me sometime. ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

Products used:

Olay day cream
Maxipeel concealer cream in fair
Avon Simply Pretty Pressed Powder in Soft Bisque
Nichido final powder in creamy glow
Ever bilena Perfect Precision Brow liner in brown

Ever bilena Eyeshadow + Blush palette- My uncle gave it to me. I forgot the price. (and forgot to take a pic of it) OTL
Etude House I'm Fine Eyeliner
Lenses: GEO Bambi Grey

Chapstick (hehe.. my lips are super dry and flaky)
Etude House Fantastic Rouge Lipstick in Coral Tangerine

So that would be for my FOTD for the day, I was going to Church with this look, lolz. Anyways, here's the review.

Without flash- indoor light. You can see more color here than other photos with flash.Face spam!! ~ヾ(^∇^)
Trying to look sweet but failing. ヘ( ̄  ̄;ヘ)
My big eyes... kekekeke.. I do not use eye glue or tape. LOL  (✪ܫ✪)
Review for GEO BAMBI GREY:

I am not a fan of obvious pixel designs but these lenses are just quite decent for that. Not too reptile-ish but still there. I am like torn 50-50 with the design on this one, maybe I just got too used to the Almond lenses I have. Review here.

Color is very obvious, I mean really opaque. But here's the deal, my sister sat next to me during lunch and she pointed out (with confidence) that my lenses are blue. Toinksh!... maybe it was the lighting on the room? It's kinda of bluish-grey not steel grey. It also has a 3 tone color with a yellow-ish starburst in the middle allowing for better blending with eyes who have a lighter color.

See those babies? They enlarge my eyes like crazy dolly. Really enlarging.

GEOs tend to make my eyes watery, blurry and drying after a few hours of use. This was no exception. So had to bring eye drops all the time when the dryness occurs.

I love the lenses for it's color and enlargement but not a very big fan of the design. But these lenses are lovely still and great for photos (espcially with flash) kekeke.

I dunno why it reminds me of a twisted blood-sucking creature. The lenses maybe?
That's all lovelies!

Reka :3


  1. nice. xo

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  2. the lens look sexy

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