Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome Kawaii-Holics!!!

KawAii=CuTE! :"3

Hi! My name is Reka. This account is basically for online shopping (OL) purposes :D But I sometimes sell some stuff from time to time. :) . . . ♥

Hobbies: Drawing, sketching, browsing the net for stuff, writing, listening to music (I'm not so hardcore unlike before; I'm into different genres but I still think MCR rocks!), reading books (manga and novels more on fantasy and thrillers ), hunting for kawaii stuff (from clothing to accessories; house stuff included ^^;)

Petpeeves: Rain- I don't like to go out when it rains. I don't like walking on mud and my feet getting wet.

So this is it right now! I'm going to think of more thinks to write about! Ciao~! (≧◡≦)

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